Caesar On A TV Screen



In a lovingly loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, The Last Dinner Party go full thespian in this love letter to the bard's works. Directed by Harv Frost, 'Caesar on a TV Screen' sees the band dressed in full roman drag for a 60's movie inspired take on the classic play. Abigail Morris (frontwoman) takes on the titular emperor, whilst the rest of the band act as scheming conspirators.
A homage to the works of Fellini, and classic motion pictures such as Ben-Hur and Brando's Julius Caesar, Frost has fashioned a fun and light-hearted take on the famous prose. The video ends in true Shakespearean fashion, with a drawn-out dramatic death scene and a rousing round of applause, that it truly deserves.


The Last Dinner Party
Project title
Caesar On A TV Screen

Kode Media (Production Studio)

Lily Roberts (Producer)

Nathan Killham (EP)

Anita Okpongete (Production Manager)

Lucie Schmidt (Production Assistant)

Natasha Duursma (DOP)

Murdo Hepburn (Art Director)

Rubina Marchiori (Stylist)

Geri Docherty (Editor)

Tim Smith (Colourist)