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  • The Last Dinner Party

    Caesar On A TV Screen

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    Cut You Off

  • The Last Dinner Party

    My Lady of Mercy

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    ‘Til I Die

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    To You Tonight


Harv Frost

Born and raised in Aylesbury, 2021’s winner of ‘worst place to live in the UK’ and most land-locked place in the country, Harv fled to the coastal town of Brighton as soon as possible.

As a Trans filmmaker and creative, Harv has created an eclectic reel filled with work that redefines who she is as director each time. She got her start at the very bottom, shooting music videos on £20 for the local talent Aylesbury had to offer, and working as the go-to VHS Videographer-girl for touring bands and music publications.

Through that, she became a runner on music videos and got a lot of practice making coffees. She eventually graduated to a much cooler sounding title that had initials, she became a PA for a producer on some high-budget shiny proper music videos. It is here where she got to observe the pros, the super star directors she had idolised, and she caught the bug, and that hunger began to take hold. 

Harv’s concepts are often Inspired by the nerd-culture she grew up consuming, and drawing inspiration from sci-fi, video games, cult-classic movies, comics and graphic novels. She has done narrative based dramas, sugar sweet pop videos, queer protest pieces, roller skating fashion ads, energetic performance videos, editorial fashion films, lo-fi vhs subculture pieces, epic conceptual concept pieces and even a stop motion animation. Going forward, Harv strives to create a body of work that she is excited by. Fabricating new worlds, redefining genres and pushing boundaries.

Queer, vibrant and always wonderfully wacky. Also, she is great at writing extremely modest and totally down-to-earth bios about herself.