• The Berry Boys

All Work

  • Arsenal F.C

    Emirates Stadium Artwork Launch

  • VFX Sketch

    Graffiti Gun

  • Short Film


  • Red Bull

    RX1-E Launch

  • VFX Sketch

    Alien Abduction

  • Saudi Motorsport

    Dakar Rally

  • Sainbury's x Disney

    Heroes Cards

  • VFX Sketch


  • Coral

    Beat the Banker

  • VFX Sketch

    Social Distancing

  • Nike

    Ronaldo Football Tennis (Spec)

  • Uber

    Glitch A Ride (Spec)


The Berry Boys

The fruitiest filmmakers in the game…. Yes, it’s The Berry Boys.

Ryan Burnham & Luke Robson are a multi-disciplined, action packed, VFX directing duo, who fell from the vine and hit all the Metaverse branches on their way down.

Anyone who knows the boys will know how much creating future-thinking, stand-out films and content means to them. Having grown up together as kids and specialising in VFX before it was cool (It is cool, right?)… The Berry Boys have been lucky to work with some of the greatest brands and talent out there… including a nice little film with their childhood hero, Ronaldo (No, not Cristiano… the REAL Ronaldo)… so to be honest with you, it might only be downhill from there anyway?

And for anyone who doesn’t know them but loves energetic, thumb stopping, comedy-driven content… that actually make people laugh, goes viral on TikTok and brings explosive visuals to their screens… well then, you’re in luck… because they’ve just been given a Kode credit card and it’s lunch on them for the meet and greet!