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Sye Allen

Born in the deep dark rural depths of Somerset, raised on classic British comedy, horror novels and the occasional mug of cloudy cider, Sye moved to London and somehow found his way into the film industry. His film Beasts won Gold at Queen Palm festival and the International Human Rights Film Festival, which was followed up with The Empty Chair which got him a Cannes YDA nomination and a Kinsale Shark.

Sye’s visuals are always meticulously crafted, and his portfolio is characterised by swift, economical storytelling, with on point comedic performances. Striving to strike the perfect balance between silliness and sentimentality, he’s written and directed campaigns for much loved British and global brands, including JustEat, Virgin Active, Vanish, Imperial Leather and WestJet. His upcoming film Light Hearted about an elderly lady and her holographic husband is soon to be released.

He no longer has a west country accent, apart from when he speaks to his mum, and/or is drinking cider.