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Dora Paphides

Born in London, Dora spent most of her childhood listening to music on her red iPod nano imagining what the music videos to her favourite Coldplay songs would look like. When she later discovered MTV this blew her tiny mind.

Dora started understanding what directing was from 2013 when she had a crush on a movie buff who sat next to her in English. On two sheets of A4 paper, she wrote down every film on IMDB'S top 100 films list and set about watching them, giving each of them marks out of 5. She got two things out of this process: a love of film, and a growing resentment she didn’t know about 'Letterboxd' earlier.

Her crush fizzled out into a faint memory but her interest in all things visual, remains strong…

Graduating from the BRIT School in 2019, and working as a director/photographer ever since, Dora has now realised directing is a real job you can have.