Watch Me Reign



Taz Tron Delix directs a spectacular promo for London duo Bob Vylan, utilising the visual language of a big pop video to deliver a subversive message. 

The video for Reign blends high-concept vignettes with an impactful, disruptive performance style, resulting in a visual that highlights the burning rage against injustice found in the lyrics. 

Taz Tron Delix's direction is bold and unwavering - indeed, a 90-second static, single shot is almost unheard of in modern music videos - and it's this approach which demands attention and complete focus from viewers. 

Boasting a unique, textural aesthetic and standout styling and hair work, this is a video that will be discussed for a while to come. 

"Breathtaking work and a highlight of 2024 so far." as quoted by Promonews.


Bob Vylan
Project title
Watch Me Reign

Rachel Bashford (Producer)

Vanessa Mcdonnel (Executive Producer)

Nathan Killham (Executive Producer)

Anita Okpongete (Production Manager)

Pete Bishop (DOP)

Ash Halliburton (Art Director)

Cara Hayward (Stylist)

Rosie Grace (Hair)

D-Fran (Editor @ Whitehouse)

Alex Gregory (Grade @ No.8)