Put That On My List



 For this project Jonnie Malachi and the creatives wrote the lyrics, collaborated with an amazing Mancunian composer to craft the beats & melody, then trawled social media to find a legit American rapper who had the looks & personality to front the ad. They found Bee Simms on Insta. A star with less than 3,000 followers, who was still working as a full-time carer for military veterans with mental health & PTSD issues - only choosing to embrace rapping in 2019 after years of confidence issues. The team recorded her vocals remotely in a studio in North Carolina then flew her to London for the 2-day shoot. Now she’s in a national American TV campaign too. There’s nothing like finding true talent & shining a light on them - a joyous creative process.


Apartment List
Project title
Put that on my List

Sagal Aden-Buxton (Producer)

Tom Turley (DOP)

Paul McCann (1st AD)

Simon Davis (Production Designer)

Lucy Hagan (Stylist)

Natasha Lawes (Hair and Make Up)

Matt Prickett @work (Editor)

Unit (Post)

Denny Cooper (Colour)

Hannah Webster (Sound)