Pessimism is out. We're all in!



International non-profit the Rainforest Alliance collaborated with filmmaker Max Joseph on the launch of its 'Pessimism is Out. We’re All In!' film and brand campaign, through KODE. The campaign aims to inspire a worldwide movement, encouraging individuals to not give up and to take meaningful action in the urgent battle against climate change. Launched ahead of the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), where global leaders united to accelerate efforts to combat the climate crisis and promote a sustainable future.

Underscoring the importance of optimism and the power of collective action in the fight against climate change. In the film, a climate hero embodies optimism, standing resolutely against the voice of a climate sceptic and providing an inspirational role model for all. The film features a cameo appearance of TikTok's #1 news content creator NewsDaddy (Dylan Page). 


Rainforest Alliance
Project title
Pessimism is out. We're all in!
  • Max Joseph

Augusto Sola (Creative Director)

Ryan Delehanty (Co-writer)

Jack Beardsley (Executive Producer)

KODE (Production Studio)

Brett Fallentine (DOP Rainforest Unit)

Theo Tennant (DOP UK)

Ale Dordoni at OkayStudio (Editor)

Black Kite (Post Production)

George Kyriacou (Colourist)

Dan Sanders (2D Lead)

Jonathan Zalben (Music)

Joe Marsden (Sound Designer)