My G



Kelvin Jones directs ‘My G ft Ed Sheeran’, a song from the recently released debut album of young British rapper, Aitch. With the majority of the video budget donated to the Down’s Syndrome Association, the stripped back promo centres around Aitch writing a letter to his younger sister, Gracie, reflecting on their relationship and the love he has for her. 

The deeply personal and honest song reflects on Aitch’s relationship with his sister, from meeting her as a baby to the present day, ensuring her that no matter what, she is always, ‘My G’. The closeness and importance of their bond as siblings is conveyed through Aitch directly addressing his sister through his lyrics, talking of his commitment to her and his whole family. 


Aitch Ft. Ed Sheeran
Project title
My G
  • Kelvin Jones

Sam Katz (Producer)

Nathan Killham, Dani Wright (EP)

Matt Hoosh (DoP)

Samuel Barnham (1st AD)

Joe Munroe (Production Designer) 

Lisa Mejuto (Hair & Make Up)

Cora Delaney, Mikey Pearce (Stylists)

Kelvin Jones (Editor)

Spirit (Animator) 

Megan Lee @ ETC (Colourist)