Lost Lager



Promoting Brewdog’s Lost Lager this black and white, spoken word spot, created by MediaMonks, acts as a piece of social commentary on the inauthentic allure regularly promoted in advertising.

Directed by Taz Tron Delix, the raw and rebellious nature of the brewery comes through in the gritty shots of a market square as the film focusses on the everyday people that pose a stark contrast with the surrounding glamorous, pixelated posters.

Asking who we think we are, it asserts that the general public continues to sip on “pint after pint of poorly crafted dreams”, concluding that Lost Lager hides behind no such façade and retains an authenticity for the people.


Project title
Lost Lager

MediaMonks (Agency)

Tom Genower (Creative Director)

Vic D'Andrea & Marta Moriente (Creatives)

Gina McCoubrey (Agency Producer)

Tori Devgun (Agency Producer)

COMPULSORY (Production Company)

James Cross (Producer)

Harry Wheeler (DOP)

Elizabeth El-Kadhi Brown (Production Design)