Live Happy: Dalaman, Turkey



As part of a new Travel Guide content series for TUI, Daniel Broadley shows the beauty of Turkey’s Dalaman region in all of its sun-soaked glory. 

Known for ancient sites and buzzing bazaars, we captured 3x days of footage with a stripped-back crew and talent of all ages visiting some of the classic tourist hotspots, whilst also uncovering some hidden gems. The result was an ad that lived and breathe TUI’s new ‘Live Happy’ mantra. 

Dan Broadley explains “Audiences are aware more than ever when something feels fake or unrealistic in the travel commercial world. It takes more than just flashing pretty images of beaches and people smiling on the screen. After spending the best part of 2019 travelling the world on various productions I began to understand the subtle nuances that can take a very staged holiday scene and make it feel authentic and believable. This aligned perfectly with TUI’s new brief for their travel destination films, with an emphasis on those imperfect moments that make a holiday memorable. The film is a testament to having a great cast, crew and client who all adopted the methodology of having a good time whilst working and making sure the energy existed throughout the production period both on and off the screen.”


Project title
Live Happy: Dalaman, Turkey

Emily O’Meara (Producer)

Matt Fleming (EP)

Ed Fousset (DOP)

Suzie Walsh (Stylist)

Gemma Stafford (Make Up)

Nick Ellis (Editor)

KODE (Post)

James North (Photographer)