It's A Brum Ting



This year's Commonwealth Games was hosted in the cultural hub that is Birmingham. Harry Cauty directs the BBC’s title sequence for the Games with the spot putting the host city front and centre to promote the coverage of the tournament.

The film comprises of live-action moments and a blend of animation styles thanks to a variety of studios and animators, including Lobster, Birmingham-born Ikki Dhesi, Smoking Hippo and locally-based studio Yamination.

“Where the BBC wanted to represent as many people and places as possible, I wanted to do the same when it came to the animation team behind the film,” said Cauty.

It’s a deft balance between polished 2D animation, cartoon aesthetics, scrappy collage and a charming stop motion build to top it all off, featuring some of Birmingham's most iconic stars of sport & culture. 


BBC Commonwealth Games 2022
Project title
It's a Brum Ting
  • Harry Cauty

Rob Wildsmith (Producer)

Jack Goodwin (EP)

Johnny Marchetta / Bjorn Franklin (DOP)

Lobster Studios, Anthony Farquhar-Smith, Ikki Dhesi, Yamination Studios (Animation)

Jon Dobson @ Wash (Colour)

Lewis Clark @ The Farm (Sound)

Friendly Fire Band - “It's A Brum Ting" (Music)