Golden Goose - Star



Tasked by Golden Goose with rethinking what it meant to “be a star,” Sondock started by interviewing a variety of notable up-and-coming artists, musicians, and actors. He dreamt up a variety of unique ways that each real-life protagonist could show a different side of stardom, one that was more low-key and altruistic than what many are used to. Filmed in only two days in Brooklyn, NY, this dynamic campaign melded fashion, narrative and doc elements, while also turning the question back onto the viewer: “What makes you a star?"


Golden Goose
Project title

Josh Sondock (Director/Producer)

Andrea Gavazzi (DOP)

Ivan Olita (Executive Producer)

Raven Jensen (Producer)

Max Cherry (Production Coordinator)

Amy Teboul (Assistant Producer)

Steve Valle (1st AD)

Edoardo Cozzani (Photographer)

Linnea Crabtree (Production Deisgner)

Lily Raih (Art Production Assistant)

Nate Katz (Editor)

Dante Giani (Colorist)

Ally Gondeck (Assistant Editor)

Nikolay Anatov (Sound Design/Mix)

Goldwash (Gabe Acheson) (Music)

Elena Lark (Wardrdobe Stylist)