Embrace The Night



Flaunting the night-vision prowess of their latest model, the Oppo Reno8 Pro 5g, our film demonstrates the capabilities of ‘The Portrait Expert’ device; which enables users to take ultraclear night time portraits, no matter the situation. As a solar eclipse draws in, crowds make the most of the phenomenon to experiment with what their phone can do for them. The eclipse becomes the backdrop for a number of impromptu photoshoots; with the Oppo device helping to preserve the unique moment into a memory.

Jara Moravec, commented “I loved working on this with Oppo. The idea of solar eclipse as a catalyst for night time portraiture, the main selling feature of this phone, was pretty exciting, especially because we decided to shoot it practically. At the same time I wanted to avoid the usual pitfalls of today’s phone advertising, relying heavily on extreme angles and camera techniques. The story was better suited for a cleaner, classic look that I associate with big blockbuster movies of the 1980's and 1990’s.I’d like to thank James and Joseph at Oppo for letting me go full on Bruce Willis style."

"I always try to achieve as much as possible in camera, especially when it comes to something so palpable as a solar eclipse. We found the right street, triple checked Sun Seeker as we were about to have an hour to shoot our main wide shot while the sun was moving between two tall buildings.”


Project title
Ultra Clear Night, In Portrait

Gwilym Gwillim (Producer)

Jack Goodwin (EP)

Filip Marek (DOP)

MR Films (Service Company)

Rafiq Samsodien (Service Producer)

Andree Du preez (Production Designer)

Gabrielle De Gersigny (Stylist)

Lisa Bailey (Make Up)

Katarina Gramatova (Editor)

Daydreamer (Post)

We Are Covert (Post)

Tom Mangham - Black Kite (Colour)

Samuel Jurkovic (Sound)