Beautiful Living



Beautiful Living positions Swyft as “the icon of the living room”. Jara Moravec brings his graphical and surreal vision to every frame throughout.

Jara comments “I am a big fan of this direct storytelling where every single frame works on its own, whether it’s a load teapots smashing against the sofa or a funny character dropping crumbs. I wanted to give that approach a more singular perspective, a clear point of view of a main hero - a woman that dreams about her new sofa and life that revolves around it."

"I asked Swyft to make the oversized stool and padded box and, to my surprise, they said, “Sure, let’s do it!” A couple weeks later and we had the stool on the set, looking stellar. The stool was so heavy that we had to keep it at the back of the room for the whole shooting day, working from underneath."


Project title
Beautiful Living
  • Jara Moravec

Monika Kraft (Producer)

Jack Goodwin / Pavel Prejda (EP)

Filip Marek (DOP)

Nina Feriancova (Production Designer)

Martin Polák (Stylist)

Sara Skrionya (Hair & Make Up)

Jara Moravec (Editor)

Joseph Bicknell @ Company 3 (Colour)