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Another Place - Bastille ft. Alessia Cara

Dan from Bastille battles the outside world in Another Place, directed by Anna Radchenko & Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux. 

In an avant-garde bedroom set, Dan is sat with sand pouring from his hands, lonely and isolated. The huge windows behind him offer a glimpse into the outside world, but he isn't interested. Alessia appears outside, like a giant looking through a dollhouse, and taps the glass. This sends a shockwave through the environment, which starts to deteriorate and spill black blood from its walls. Dan is thrown into action, trying to keep a sense of calm whilst the outside world is trying to break him out of his bubble. 

Unique and inspired, the German Expressionist references and design elevate the concept, and Dan's performance as a man losing his sanctuary is breathtaking.

Great work across the board on the video shot in Toronto, with the heavily pregnant Radchenko directing remotely from London, and Schaulin-Rioux on set. 


"This music video was inspired by the German Expressionists such as Robert Wiene and his Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, installation art and existentialism. It's about the unsettling state of mind when you want to literally 'break up' with the outside world, when you can’t look at what’s happening there anymore and are tempted to lock yourself 'inside' your own inner reality. It was really exciting for me to look for those social and psychological metaphors in this song, which is originally about a one night stand and a short love story.

"In the video, the outside reality tries to 'break-in' that cozy yet distorted and disturbing inner world. But Dan does everything to stop that invasion, and in the end he completely isolates himself when he paints the windows black. However, the door once opened stays open... does it mean there is still hope even in the darkest of times? Who knows.

"The video was shot in Toronto. However being on the ninth month of pregnancy I couldn't fly there, so this turned out to be a very interesting experience of directing remotely, which led to the great result thanks to the wonderful hard-working team both in Canada and here in the UK. I felt like I was almost there on set (thanks Facetime!)"


Bastille ft Alessia Cara

Another Place

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