After The Apex



‘After the Apex' is a content series for  EA Sports Codemasters F1 2021. which aims to show viewers the ‘person behind the athlete’, whilst pulling some F1 enthusiasts into the world of gaming.

In the first of four films, viewers get up close and personal with Daniel Ricciardo’s s need for, and love of danger. Detailing Daniel's thrill-seeking behaviour all the way back to his childhood, the film gives viewers insight into what makes Daniel Ricciardo so good at what he does, through a lens you have never seen before - an extreme, abstract, psychedelic world.

Throughout the film Ricciardo talks about his love, and his study of other sports, and how he seeks to turn insights he gleans from them into a competitive advantage on the track.


EA Sports
Project title
After The Apex

Danielle Wright, Emily O’Meara (Producer)

Jack Goodwin, Matt Fleming (EP)

Courtney Bennett (DOP)

Tom Wynbourne (1st AD)

Maria Shrigley (Production Designer)

Stephen Mclaughlin (Stylist)

Mary Jane Gotidoc (Make Up)

Ashley White (Editor)

Anthony Schepperd (Illustrator / Animation)

Okay Studio (Post)

Stef Colosi (Colour)

Echoic (Sound)