A Little More Than You'd Expect



Jara Moravec helms a joyfully bonkers spot that promotes OnePlus’ super smart smartphone capabilities. Vibrant hues, kooky comedy and a combination of realism and on-screen mobile graphics are used to follow a young lad’s journey through his day, showcasing how his phone offers, ‘a little more than you’d expect’.

Shot in colourful Buenos Aires with an incredible team, in prep we pushed through summer heat waves only to wake up to two rainy shoot days. Fun fact - not a single shot in the ad was shot with real sunshine!


One Plus
Project title
A Little More Than You'd Expect
  • Jara Moravec

Gwilym Gwillim (Producer)

Jack Goodwin (EP)

Red Creek Production (Service Company)

Analia Tiscornia (Service Producer)

Filip Marek (DOP)

Juan Manuel Castelo / The Art Brothers (Production Designer)

Sol Montalvo (Stylist)

Mariana Brizuela (Make Up)

Jakub Jelinek (Editor)

Envy Advertising (Post)

We Are Covert (3D End Frame)

Filip Marek (Colour)

Samuel Jurkovic (Sound)

"Swahili" by Andre Tanker (Music)