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Konrad Begg

Konrad grew up in Scotland a country of stark contrast and from my school days developed a strong urge to escape mundanity. His first ticket out of everyday life came from watching westerns on a Sunday at his grandparents' flat; cult films on BBC Moviedrome; and of course, heading to blockbusters at the cinema with friends. He loved of the power of film to transport him in every respect. 

Other than that, he skated, snowboarded and surfed through youth – anything to escape the feeling of ordinary. He dropped the dull of college for a van in a French beach carpark. After that, he went with whatever felt exciting. He wrote stuff. Someone had a camera and they played at making stuff. It led him to a film set as a runner which swiftly led to directing skate, snowboard and surf features and films all over the world before graduating to MTV, then onto cars and bikes and adding drama films to action. 
Konrad loves filmmaking. He loves the familiar mix of tension and flow on a great set and the excitement of the creative possibility - the screech of skidding tyres and the smell of their smoke filling the tracking car to get that one shot; the anticipation on stunt shoot day, realising months of meticulous planning to drop a VW Beetle from a helicopter a mile up or choreographing an explosive car crash in central LA; the quiet atmospheric beauty of a night shoot on a South African salt plain or waiting for the sun to break over the mountains on the road of 99 turns in China; the thrill of collaborating with fresh or established talent to elicit a great performance. 
Letting the imagination go free. It has a special energy. It’s the wonder of being a kid again.  It’s this energy that makes a film, manifesting more in the minds of the audience than what you see on a monitor or a screen. It’s work that has been recognised multiple times by BAFTA, EMMY and RTS for technical and visual merit. More satisfyingly it’s connected and resonated with real people, indicated by audience awards and c. 200milion hits on YouTube. 
It's an energy he'll never get tired of. Konrad's next feature ‘the Detour’ is currently in development and there are plenty more wondrous things to be made and stories to be told. 
When not on a set, he'll be found in the sea, only now with three sons on tow.