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Jonnie Malachi

Jonnie must be the worlds only Yemenite-Antiguan.

After a childhood obsessively watching music videos, cartooning, reading Just17 & captaining the county Water Polo team he got a 2:1 in History from Leeds. 

Whilst there he founded a student magazine taken on by the Yorkshire Post with a full-colour print run of 10,000 - which saw Jonnie nominated for 'Times Student Entrepreneur of the Year'. 

After a short stint as an advertising creative he was seduced by the glamour (and catering) of production. The first music video he directed was selected 'Promo of the Month' in PROMO magazine. 

40 music videos & over 70 million YouTube hits later (including most played music video of the year 2008 on The Box & MTV) Jonnie wrote & directed his first feature (purchased by Sky Movies), shortly afterwards starting his foray into commercials. 

He's shot all over the world, from Dubai to Cape Town, Catford to Minsk...

...and directed such luminaries as Captain Obvious, the legendary James Cosmo, Chris Moyles & Danny from New Kids on the block. 

Jonnie loves ALL types of comedy. 

Styling, colour palettes, lighting, lenses - the craft of filmmaking - is incredibly important to him, but performance is the beating heart of his work. The excitement of casting & 'finding that magic' is everything. 

Jonnie's all about big positive energy & wants his work to be joyous & memorable. His job is to create an on-set environment of clarity, trust, openness & fun - giving freedom to capture magical moments bursting with life. If he's the silliest person on set, he's doing it right. 

His films are stylised & cinematic (drawing on his commercial photography background). 

Jonnie has three kids, one wife & looks like a terrorist in passport photos.