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Harry Cauty

Riding the Southern Main Line between London and Brighton, Harry’s formative years were spent looking for a way to express himself other than tagging the carriages and walls of both cities. Initially, filmmaking didn’t seem rebellious enough. The penny dropped at a Chris Cunningham show; film could be aggressive, surreal and beautiful at the same time, and Harry would build on these themes in the years to come.

Breaking rules as quickly as he made them, Cunningham inspired Harry to borrow a camera and start shooting. Schooling seemed counterproductive to the boundary-shattering style Harry wanted to explore. Instead, he cut his teeth shooting music videos for burgeoning artists, persuading them to trust in a vision that would often come back to those same themes. It was during these formative years that Harry developed a toolkit of skills across departments.

By the time Harry signed with Kode he had a BFI award, several tours with major hip-hop artists and a run-in with the NYPD under his belt (all in the name of art, of course.) At Kode, Harry developed his self-taught directing style into something commercially viable, turning his lens to commercials, content and music for industry-leading brands and artists.

Kode allowed Harry the freedom to continue his cavalier style but it also matured him as a director. 'Shoot first, ask questions later' turned into ‘shoot first, have the answers ready’. In other words, an unbridled and raw talent was refined – ready for a global audience.