Edie Amos


  • Yvonne Hercules

    Nature Is

  • Coldplay & Ed Sheeran

    Fix You (Live @ Shepherd's Bush Empire)

  • Sam Ryder



Edie Amos

Edie is a director born and raised in London. Having worked with some of the world’s most prominent music artists, including Coldplay, Stormzy, Little Simz, and Bastille, Edie has become one of the go-to directors in live music capture. 

A filmmaker driven by her empathy, desire for connection, and visual eye, Edie has always wanted to make films that move and inspire people, particularly interested in interrogating subjects such as teenhood, mental health, relationships, and family. 

She’s always looking for an opportunity to weave documentary elements into her projects and create non-traditional work that blends genres.

Inspired by theatre set design, a love that grew with her experience making large-scale live music films, she enjoys building and constructing reality in unusual and unexpected ways. Drawn to the captivating honesty and emotion in live music performance, the craft she’s developed in this space is now translating to a distinct style of narrative writing, constructing surreal and playful realities that lean into the ‘performance’ rather than trying to convince the audience they’re watching real life.

Edie is developing her commercial and narrative reels, with various exciting projects in the pipeline.