• Miles & AJ


  • Doja Cat

    Need To Know

  • Twenty One Pilots

    Shy Away

  • Machine Gun Kelly

    Why Are You Here

  • Billie Eilish



Miles & AJ

Miles & AJ met in their college town and never looked back. As kids, AJ never stopped watching and rewatching films while Miles was diving deep into edit and VFX software. How they work as a duo and their approaches to storytelling, can be traced back to these roots. Growing in their careers together, they put emphasis on the common vision, collaborative spirit and always trusting in the others fervour. People often ask how is it working as a duo, and for M&AJ “it keeps getting easier.”

The duo’s commercial success came as a result of their work for global musicians including the promo for Doja Cat’s otherworldly ‘Need to Know’, which saw the singer reach cosmic dimensions as virtual reality meets outer-space futurism. To top it off, they’ve also crafted work for twenty øne piløts and megastar Billie Eilish. 

Their commercial works spans many genres for clients such as Samsung, Turo, Xbox, Toyota and most recently Coca-Cola.