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Jara Moravec

Jara, or Jaroslav, if you want to go fully Slavic, comes from Prague in the Czech Republic. He finds himself staring into a little plastic tray inside a plane all the time. Graduating from a photography course, he has always been fascinated with images that make you smile.

He likes to think of films as precious, shiny objects that are worth polishing until you start going mad. If you do it long enough, they will reflect back on who you are. Within that, he enjoys mixing the beautiful with the grotesque, bending genres and referencing the most banal to avoid boring & cringy. 

He is energised by the goose bumps he experiences every now and then, on set and in the edit. For Jara, winning an award is cool but nothing beats that tingly feeling that runs down his spine. This thrill is what propels him forward and he always seeks to find it in any project he works on.